CUADRO – Art Magazine #4 | Jamie Warren

CUADRO Edition is delighted to announce the release of CUADRO – Art Magazine #4 & we are proud to show works of Jamie Warren

Jaimie Warren | *1980 | New York |

Jaimie Warren calls her largest series of photographs to date Self Portraits. She is present in each and every one, usually brassy, up-tempo, a character and sometimes a caricature in search of a narrative, explosive, like all Mardi Gras, all the time. (…)
Warren possesses an inexhaustible appetite for every genre of life and in the aggregate provides a fresh and yet intense overview of the ceaseless possibilities and quickened energies of contemporary youth culture. Oh, identity! Jaimie Warren’s work seems to argue that identity is so important that everyone should have at least a dozen, that the personal is polyphonic, that diversity begins with self. (…)

We need always to be ready for our close-up, and Warren’s project offers the realization that even if self is now some constellation of fragments, each one of them can be perfect and complete in and of itself. God must love Jaimie Warren, because He or She made so many of them. | James Yood



Art Magazine 6/2016
Accordion-cross Folder, 16 Pages, 21 x 21 cm square, unfolded 83,4 x 41,9 cmm , 4c
Schutzgebühr: 5 Euro
ISSN 2364-4540

Editor: Mario Hergueta
Artists: Sabine Dehnel |  Polly Penrose | Annegret Soltau | Iiu Susiraja | Jaimie Warren

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