CUADRO – Art Magazine #4 | Iiu Susiraja

CUADRO Edition is delighted to announce the release of CUADRO – Art Magazine #4 & we are proud to show works of Iiu Susiraja


Iiu Susiraja  | *1975 | Helsinki | | Movie: KERMAVAAHTO

Susiraja’s self-portraits do not merely put her in front of the mirror, but they jeer at today’s values that are stuck on shallowness. Susiraja’s pictures mock the economy of pretentiousness: self-promotion and the productization human beings, piggy-backing on outside of things and feigned competence. The gang thinks that life is great as long as aspects such as status and appearance are starched as narrow and shiny as other networkers; even if only for a picture. Because modern reality is just an image. (…)

Susiraja’s pictures touch people and stop them, but not just with their ability to shock. You could say that in Susiraja’s pictures, we look for a person who is becoming extinct for lack of living space, reality swept away under indifferent images. Ecce homo, look at the person! Maybe Susiraja’s pictures can entice people to look at their own reality, to find the strength to be their own unique selves, to ignore the vanity of the market. (…)
The history of exclusion and feigned betterment repeats itself from one society and community to another. There is supposed to be a mold, into which everyone should fit and get stuck. There is still space for one more, ridiculed and excluded, who helps those feigning betterment to recognize their excellence. (…) Susiraja shows how the crappiest experiences can mold an artistic counter-weapon: cripplingly mundane and fatally ridiculous all at once. | Ulla Karttunen




Art Magazine 6/2016
Accordion-cross Folder, 16 Pages, 21 x 21 cm square, unfolded 83,4 x 41,9 cmm , 4c
Schutzgebühr: 5 Euro
ISSN 2364-4540

Editor: Mario Hergueta
Artists: Sabine Dehnel |  Polly Penrose | Annegret Soltau | Iiu Susiraja | Jaimie Warren

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