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CUADRO Edition is delighted to announce the release of CUADRO – Art Magazine #2 & we are proud to show works of Kyle Field


Kyle Field from California, singer and songwriter of the band „Little Wings“, processes various subjects and impressions in his poetic and authentic pictures and songs.

„… kyle field is a visual artist and a songwriter/performer. drawing from rap,rock,country and folk,CBGB town and country field turns a phrase on a dime and then uses that dime to call home.
with a love for surfing and the outdoors,this indoor cat learned how to cruise with the big dogs a while ago. little wings was founded in 1998. field is a fan of lil wayne’s raps for instance.
hiking with no sandals on the lifegaurd calls me scuby! listen to the music….“

Kyle’s ink and watercolor drawings playfully tap into our subconscious, echoing the limitless imagination you had as a child and wished you still had. Pastel colored magical forests full of gnomes, yetis, and wise men flow effortlessly on the page with words and minute details. The compositions are sometimes frantic, bringing your eye to a thousand little places at once and zeroing in on his intricate lines. A love of surfing, the forests of California, and a wariness for contemporary culture are at the heart of Kyle Field’s art, whether it is drawing, personal collages, making paper sculptures or playing music under the name Little Wings. – Read/See more at:




Art Magazine 5/2015
Accordion-cross Folder, 16 Pages, 21 x 21 cm square, unfolded 83,4 x 41,9 cmm , 4c
Schutzgebühr: 5 Euro
ISSN 2364-4540

Editor: Mario Hergueta. Artists:
Joseph Arthur | Carlos Ballesteros | Kyle Field | Wolfgang Müller & Mario Hergueta

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