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CUADRO Edition is delighted to announce the release of CUADRO – Art Magazine #2 & we are proud to show works of Joseph Arthur.

Joseph Arthur ©

Foto: Joseph Arthur / 

Joseph Arthur from New York not only creates the cover art for his music, he also integrates the pictorial process as a performance during his stage appearances.

Joseph Arthur’s first passion is the visual arts, yet he is better known for his musical talents after being discovered by Peter Gabriel in the mid-nineties. Arthur’s artwork is a spiritual quest expressed through form, lines, and color, involving a profound search for the ‘thread’ of life, binding even opposing forces of torment and beauty. As with Arthur’s music, evocative of such vivid imagery and emotion, his paintings dance with a similarity animated rhythm of form.

His artwork has received much attention from the artistic and musical community including a Grammy nomination for his album packaging for the 1999 release of Vacancy which led to the opening of his own gallery in Brooklyn, NY — the MOMAR (Museum of Modern Arthur).





Art Magazine 5/2015
Accordion-cross Folder, 16 Pages, 21 x 21 cm square, unfolded 83,4 x 41,9 cmm , 4c
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ISSN 2364-4540

Editor: Mario Hergueta. Artists:
Joseph Arthur | Carlos Ballesteros | Kyle Field | Wolfgang Müller & Mario Hergueta

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